College: Carleton University 

Degree: BA (with Distinction) Year: 1973

Law School: University of Toronto 

Degree: Juris Doctor Year: 1976

Harvard Law School Certificate: Leadership in Law Firms Year: 2009

Licensed to Practice Law: British Columbia in 1977

Q.C.: 2005

FCIArb: 1996

C.Arb: 1995


Teaching Experience

 Lectured at University of British Columbia Law School in the ADR Course

 Participated in seminars conducted by Insight, The Canadian Institute, and The British Columbia

Continuing Legal Education with respect to:

a) arbitration issues;

b) surety issues;

c) mediation issues;

d) construction delay claims;

e) tenders;

f) inquests;

g) aspects of civil procedure

h) construction insurance

Participated as a Lecturer or Co-Chair at:

a) Construction Superconference sponsored by Andrews Publishing in San Francisco: Surety


b) Forbes Conference on the Americas inMiami, Florida: The Enforcement of International

Arbitration Awards in Canada;

c) Association of Professional Engineers Annual Conference: Arbitration;

d) Association of In-House Counsel of Canada Annual Conference:White Collar Crimes;

e) Canadian College of Construction Lawyers YearlyMeetings;

f) various Insight Construction Conferences; and

g) various Canadian Institute Construction Superconferences.

h) various affinity Construction Conferences.


Articles Published

"To Arbitrate Pros and Cons"

"Claims against Design Professionals"

"Delay and Acceleration on

Construction Projects"

"Problems in Tendering"

"A Comparison of Forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution"

"Construction Bonds"

"Builders Liens"

"The Application of Res Judicata"

"Letters of Credit"

"Duties and Responsibilities of Receiver-Managers" and "The Fiduciary Obligations of a Receiver-Manager"

"The Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards in Canada"

“Damages in Tender Claims”

“Insuring a Construction Project”

"Time at Large in Canada"

“Review of Canadian Cases Assessing Schedule Delay”

“Construction Delay Claim in Canada: A Survey of the use of Delay Experts and Analysis Methods”